Brexit is over, now what?

Exporters, now the hard work begins. 2021, New Years resolution for Exporters.

From the 1st January 2021 the country must build on the best of the past, and create a new future. Exporters will play a vital part, even during Covid-19 lockdown, and that will be difficult.

As a Sovereign independent coastal state, the UK has many opportunities to make success happen. Is your business ready?

Exporting is the key

Large sections of the UK economy are under tier 4 restrictions, and many businesses are finding it hard to trade. But there is one benefit of the situation, and that is time.

Time to plan for a new future

The steps taken now by your business will play a vital role if it is going to survive. There will be many articles and headlines over the next few weeks, but your plans are the priority, so…

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Is your website going to be a cost saving casualty?

Websites will be casualties

Companies are making every effort to save money and retain key staff. Government support during the Corvid-19 Pandemic will help. UK websites will often be an early casualty of cutbacks and lake of funds.

Many companies use external web designers or marketing companies to take care of the business website, but this is often seen as a major cost saving area. The first casualty is the website. Existing investment in the website is going to have to be enough for now.

With more and more people under Corvid-19 restrictions, the Internet has been a life line to many households. People do more shopping online than every before.

This is also true for customers overseas seeking a UK supplier. If the business website does not work, or nobody is there to answer any questions by phone or email, t…

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UK Exporters Directory is open

The UK Exporters Directory is now open for business.

The world is not in a very stable condition since the Corvid-19 pandemic hit the world. Every country is trying to save lives and keep their economy going. Companies and businesses of all sizes, are finding that the Internet can offer a wide range of solutions. UK Exporters can help.

Zoom video conferencing has been a big hit with companies worldwide. The opportunity to hold virtual meetings with groups of people has been a tremendous success.

For UK companies, many are now turning to the export market. There is strong competition, and still nobody knows what the trade deal with the EU will look like, even if there is one. But there are some steps that can be taken, which are free.

Time to join the free listing service on the UK Exporters Directory. It is easy and…

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