Exporters Brexit meeting during Covid-19

Introduction to the Exporters Directory

Exporting for profit

This UK Exporters Directory is suitable for all types of exporting companies. We aim to provide companies with the opportunity to present their products and services to the international market and to help the UK prosper, at no charge.

The Directory provides a quick and simple method for promoting and marketing a business. Exporting is never easy, but with a free listing and our marketing and promotion, your company will be seen around the world.

Export marketing never got better or cheaper, and the listing can be updated at any time. Great for launching new products and special offers. 

This will have a major impact on many businesses now that the UK has left the European Union single market, and the customs Union. Adding a business to the Exporters listing Directory is a small step towards introducing a business to the world.

Some additional information on trade figures with the EU

The new reality is that under new trade rules the UK will possibly import more and more products and services, putting existing UK manufactures and suppliers at risk. There is an urgent need to actively support any company that is able to export. Preparing a free Directory for UK exporters to join, is our contribution to the success of the UK after Brexit.

The Exporters Directory has the answers

Considering the might of the Chinese export organisation and the effort made by companies like AliExpress, it is often easier and quicker to purchase from overseas than try to find a UK supplier. It is said imitation is the best form of flattery, the UK has to now consolidate its exporting, for small firms as well, through dedicated Exporting Directories. Here we are, waiting for UK companies to take advantage of the free listing offer.

Google Results

A search on Google 27th May 2021, showed this Direction was 2nd in the search results. Businesses listed in the Directory also benefit from this result. Join NOW it really is free.

Successful Google search results

If we are listed, so is your business. Time to take action and start exporting.