How UK Exporters are using free marketing

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Are you already exporting?

Many companies are already exporting and are always looking for new markets, which is normal. The UK Exporters website is a place for importers from around the world to look for potential UK suppliers.

If your business is not listed in the Directory, then there is the possibility that competitors may win that all important export order. A simple question for any UK company is, does your marketing agency or marketing manager know of the free UK Exporters Directory?

exporters and UK exporters

UK Exporters

Exports are not just limited to large companies exporting manufactured items, a website designer or speciality tea supplier, or a video company can all export. The UK’s future could well depend on all companies considering the possible of making their business export focused.

Sometimes all it takes is to modify an existing website to target overseas visitors. See if Drachsi could be of assistance, or maybe consider having a secret shopper checking out a website for opportunities.

Small Business Exporting Support

Small business exports are vital to the UK’s future. Many small businesses fail to recognise they could export. When they show interest, often the marketing comes at a high price. The UK Exporters Directory offers DIY marketing for UK Exports from companies of all sizes and types. UK Exporting should now be a priority.

March 10, 2019 |
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