Good and bad Directories.

How to use Directories correctly

Good and bad Directories

There are many Directories around the world which use the registration process to harvest email accounts and names. Details are then sold and used for spamming. Beware.

The majority of people surfing, are not those that should be supplying details to these Directories. No staff should risk the business reputation by joining any Directory. They should be qualified and approved to do so.

A simple process would be if a useful website or resources is found, the details are passed to somebody who is responsible for business marketing and promotion.

Over the years we have seen registrations from many people in reputable businesses, then nothing happens. The Directory listing is an important task that should be handled by a qualified person. Every listing should be completed within 48 hours.

The benefits for a good listing are many. The main ones are:

  1. Being seen where customers expect a business to be located.
  2. Doubles the chances of being seen higher in Google search results.
  3. Quick and simple to make changes, to keep the listing active.
  4. Customer reviews of a business can be added, but are closely monitored to prevent spamming.
  5. Enhances the possibility that Google will rate the listing higher in the results.

All free listings have full address and contact details. The most important item is the business description. Don’t let anybody create this information. this can directly affect a business reputation.

We have created an extensive Question and Answer section to provide support. If in doubt, please use the contact form in the menu-bar to request our free support.

We try to help businesses by monitoring any registration and listing, and part of our preparations are to allow 48 hours for the listing to be completed. After this time the registration is deleted.

This protects the Directory with only correct applications. This is done because that is as far as some registrations proceed, due to lack of knowledge. Only approved staff should handle marketing and promotion. All listings are manually checked before being activated.

Support Information

We are happy to provide support for any company or business wishing to join the free UK Exporters Directory. If support or advice is required on business websites, another of our support services is located at Drachsi Website Support Services. There are a number of useful articles covering, Sitemaps, How to search, The value of a website, Mystery Shopping, etc.

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