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Become an Exporter Now

There are hundred’s of thousands of UK based e-commerce websites. Every one of these companies could be an exporter if a potential international customer finds the company website and wishes to make a purchase.

Unless the company is already an exporter, most companies do not plan for international purchases on a website. There are many reasons.

A first step could be an anonymous customer visit, checking out a possible purchase and reporting the experience, at least that would be a starting point.

This service is called Mystery Shopping.

If the enquiry is in a foreign language, very easy these days to use Google Translate to understand the message. The Internet has a global reach and you can never be certain where the next order or enquiry comes from, so it is better to be prepared. One of biggest mistakes any company can make is to ignore an email in a different language, they could be looking for a UK exporter.

International Exporting Parcel service


Shipping costs can be a significant amount of the total cost, but there are alternative solutions than just using the normal post.


For samples and small quantities, most people prefer PayPal or normal credit cards. But there is a risk to using credit cards. If the website is using SSL, (ours does) and an establish e-commerce platform then payment gateways are included, but an account with individual processors is still required. We like WorldPay which is a UK world leader in processing payments.

Finally, it makes sense to add company details to a dedicated UK Exporters Directory like ours. If you are interested we have created a quick Exporting Guide here


March 9, 2017 |
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We have a SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate encryptionAny website that collects and stores visitor or customer data must meet the requirements of certain laws in the UK and around the world. Keeping data safe with encryption ensures transactions and sensitive information are secure.


Legal Requirements

Whether you export or not, there are some important data requirements, The General Data Protection Regulation, is possibly the most important from the European Union. Which is very likely to be incorporated into UK law after Brexit. Another useful link is to the EU-US Privacy Shield.

So every website must use encryption and take precautions to protect all customer information. Details should be shown in the legally required “Privacy Policy” document.


SSL Certificate Supplier Our SSL certificate is effective January 2017. Google rates websites with https higher.



January 31, 2017 |
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Exporters Marketplace

containers from the exporters marketplaceWith the UK’s decision to leave the European Union single market of 500 million people, and the customs union, finding new markets will be a priority. This on-line Exporters marketplace is designed to support companies of all sizes extending their brand and products around the world.

A simple and easy to use exporters market place, that can be updated at any time. Traditional Directories lack the flexibility for members to change and modify a listing to suit new conditions and launch new products. We do not offer buying and selling facilities, only marketing a business that exports or is planning to export.

A new Marketplace for Exporters

Companies create a listing and we take care of the marketing. A simple idea that works. We compliment the DIT’s E-Exporting Programme with a marketing opportunity to be seen worldwide. For added security we are using an SSL certificate in our web address, the https:// to meet legal requirements on data protection.

January 28, 2017 |
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