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Who is behind the UK Exporters Directory?

One of life’s great challenges is what to do as you get older. Most people think the Internet is for the young generation, whilst that is true in many cases, it is not always.

The Exporters Directory was created for something to do as I have plenty of time, I am 76 after all. Creating my first website in 1996, which is still active, gained me a good position as a “Content Partner Manager” at British Telecom until my retirement. The position meant dealing with top companies and creating a positive revenue stream for BT, and I was very successful.

UK Exporters creator

After retirement, spent some time renovating an old house, but still maintained interest in the Internet. It became obvious that many small companies were missing out on the potential the Internet created. Sometimes this was due to lack of interest, knowledge, money or time.

I don’t normally create websites, although I do create WordPress sites for myself, that is best left to the many professional companies providing this service. The Directory is an attempt to provide a source of UK companies wishing to export their products and services , and it is free to join at the moment.

There are not many Export Directories, but many lack the ability for companies to manage and modify their listings as and when required, and spend little or no time on Directory promotion. I do.

Part of a Portfolio

The UK Exporters Directory is one of a number of websites I created to find people that were looking for support for their existing website. People search using many different terms and therefore I set out to create sites that might be of interest, this created some interesting challenges. Some of the sites are shown on Worldclips one of my websites.

All the websites are “progressive” which means they adjust automatically to the users device, a computer, tablet or Smartphone. So if you need help or support for your website, or maybe you are a web designer or marketing agency that could use my skills, please use the contact form. Maybe my time could help your business. All replies are treated with the up most discretion.

If you care about your business, care about your website.

The average business person is often dependant on staff or suppliers to inform them of the satisfactory operation of the company website. Not knowing what questions to ask often leads to missed opportunities or a failure of the website to produce acceptable results. I am in it for the fun, so no big risks for you.

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