Exporting information should be easy to find, its not.

Less than 20% of UK companies are exporting. Locating exporting information is often the first step, and many smaller businesses give up at that point. There is just too much information online, it is hard to know what to search for.

Search Google for exporting information

Search results in Google often favour the most active websites. This Directory sometimes is lost somewhere in the results.

More members means better rankings, which is good for everybody.

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The Government has a wealth of information, much of it is not targeting the smaller business. Many businesses have the potential to export, but there is a lot of bureaucracy to overcome first. One of the first steps the Minister for Exports ( Mike Freer) should do, is create a UK Government website for exporting in basic everyday language.

A very good starters guide to exporting is at the Government’s Exporting Goods page. More information here.

Maybe Amazon can export the companies products.

That may seem strange, but consider that over 90% of Amazon’s products sold it the UK are originally from China. If they can do it then the UK with it’s technical skills and century’s old trading knowledge should be able to as well. Many companies do not know what their potential customers search for. So that is the first place to start.

The business should first develop a Website exporting section, with product/services available to an international audience. A company should consider, does the company sell (external marketing), or do buyers buy (internal marketing). There is a difference. Multi-lingual, multi-currency should be part of the plan.

The first time many companies consider exporting is when an overseas enquiry arrives. Who takes care of the communications?, is sometimes never decided, before a potential customer has gone.

How a dedicated UK Exporting Directory can help.

This Directory provides for a full free listing, to any UK business that is or wants to export. To help get started we have created a simple Questions and Answer section to answer some of the more common questions.

We look forward to welcoming your business to the Directory. We not send spam.