Marketing matters

Marketing a business website. One of the many benefits of a free listing in a dedicated UK Exporters Directory is the collective relationship between customers and all the members. Once the Directory is better known, customers and new companies will make the Directory a focal point for all UK exporters.

The Directory is only as good as the members. The more members, the better the search results. The better the search results, the more members and customers. The better the member description, the more visitors, It is a chain reaction. No other Directory provides the range of support and services free of charge.

Create and Forget

The term Create and forget marketing refers to the fact that companies create a listing once, and we take care of the promotion of every listing and of the Exporters Directory. Naturally changes and updates can be made to a listing at any time.

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Website marketing or promotion is treated differently in small, medium and large companies. The last two probably have a marketing agency working to promote the company in agreed ways. Often the poor old website is not often consider as important. Lots of work on the website is not enough for search engines like Google nowadays.

What is very important is that multiple sources link back to the company website. Unfortunately this is something many companies and marketing agencies do not do. It takes time, knowledge, and is a continuous process. That’s why being listed in multiple suitable trusted Business Directories is a large step forward. Here is an excellent guide to website marketing.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that the number of visitors to business websites has increased dramatically. Many more people work from home and this trend will continue. How people search for information is difficult to identify. Everybody is different and uses words differently.

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