Website Marketing, the easy way to success.

For the majority of exporters, the term website marketing means very little. Many companies stop listening when the word marketing is mentioned. Talk about increasing sales and everybody is prepared to listen. Everybody knows that to achieve sales, you have to inform the customer about the product or service and its benefits.

The quickest and cheapest method to market a business is to be listed in suitable Business Directories. Google rates Directories very highly. They are always changing due to new members, and Google will place a Directory higher in search results due to the number of increasing links created and their information. Google loves news.

Business Directories are the best marketing

Websites need help and support to be successful.

There are many Directories to select from. Many require payment to ensure the minimum amount of information is published, this is the address, contact and most importantly, the website address. Free Directories like ours can be very beneficial.

The decision which Directories to join, is a matter of which market the business is operating in. The large national Directories may not be suitable for exporters. Directories which target a specific market sector are far better to promote a business. A Google search for UK exporting Directories in Google, places this Directory at number one.

This is important because any company must think like a customer. How they search, what words are used. A company not knowing UK Exporters may use the term UK Exporting Directories to find that specific category of websites.

The question and answers section in the menu bar has additional information, if not, use the contact form and we will help with your website marketing requirements. A major problem for many companies is who is responsible for the company website and takes care of marketing? We can help if required.

2020 provisional figures, produced by the Forestry Commission were released on 13 May 2021 for UK Timber Exports it is £.1.5 billion. Although it is not easy to locate specific companies within this sector. Especially for an overseas customer. A listing in this Exporters Directory is a great choice, and it is free. Join here.