If you care about a business, care about the website.

Google is like a hungry animal, it always needs feeding with new information, website updates, articles, posts etc. When nothing happens after awhile, Google looks elsewhere. Take care of your website, don’t let Google go hungry.

Search Engines are always hungry for new information.

We have been in contact with a number of companies, organisations and Government departments. Nobody seems to understand the benefits of businesses being found under a single Directory. Even if it is free.

Google can only index information if it is provided. But most business managers are too busy coping with the effects of Brexit and Covid-19 to worry about the website, Always the same reply, it is always somebody else’s problem. Trouble is nobody seems to know who that person is.

Marketing and Promotion companies share part of the care blame.

Many of the top brands use marketing companies that understand that exposure across all types of social media is vital for success. This is costly, and needs ongoing efforts to keep the brand in customers view. This is beyond the majority of businesses budget’s, even if they knew of the benefits,

Small local businesses often do not use a professional marketing firm at all. Many of these marketing companies make little or no effort to have their customers website listed in key areas. It takes time and it is sometimes hard to justify the effort and measure the results.

Google dominates the search engine market

The search engine market is dominated by Google, with about 95% share. If you are not listed or appear somewhere near the top, new customers will find it very hard to locate any business. Many businesses use Google to search for their website. Google is very clever and understands what people search for. A business searching for itself, will always find it appears near the top in the results, much to the satisfaction of the company. But false.

Using an independent search engine like DuckDuckGo will show the true world position. You may never see you company anywhere. One method used is to be listed in suitable Directories. Some are free and some require a payment. These all offer a benefit that should not be ignored. Free marketing, because they are continuously being updated, Google updates as well.

Time is always a problem, but there are low cost solutions to suit most companies budgets. Maybe Drachsi website support could help? Worth checking out. Our Questions and Answers section has more information. An interesting article in the New European