Exporters, now the hard work begins.

2021, New Years resolution for Exporters.

From the 1st January 2021 the country must build on the best of the past, and create a new future. Exporters will play a vital part, even during Covid-19 lockdown, and that will be difficult.

As a Sovereign independent coastal state, the UK has many opportunities to make success happen. Is your business ready?

Exporting is the key

Large sections of the UK economy are under tier 4 restrictions, and many businesses are finding it hard to trade. But there is one benefit of the situation, and that is time.

Time to plan for a new future

The steps taken now by your business will play a vital role if it is going to survive. There will be many articles and headlines over the next few weeks, but your plans are the priority, so start now.

Can your business be found?

Business owners need to consider the company website is often the first time a new customer knows about the business. As an exporter, does the website meet their expectations? That’s the first stage. Try an independent reviewer, and see what they recommend as the first step.

The UK Exporters Directory is changing

Whats new for Exporters

During January 2021, we are planning a major update to the systems and design of the Directory.

These will benefit all exporters, as they search for export opportunities.

Start by being listed in the UK Exporters Directory. We are not the only Directory, there are many more to join. A business needs to be seen in as many as possible. This helps maximise the chances of being found.

That work depends on the business or on a marketing agency. They need to understand the benefits of Directory listings when undertaking SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

International customers search Exporters Directories first.

Consider this as a buyer. You are seeking a product in India. You may have already decided on the search terms that should locate that type of business. One major problem with this approach is Google.

Google is very clever, and understands a lot more about you than you may realise. It provides results based on you, and your searching history. The more you search for a certain word, the better Google and Bing get at ONLY supplying those results.

If you need help, suggestions or recommendations, we are happy to help. Our Questions and Answers may have the information required.